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Deathwish Fest July 22nd and 23rd in Cambridge, MA announced
We are proud to announce a two night Deathwish event July 22nd and 23rd at The Sinclair in Cambridge MA, featuring exclusively Deathwish affiliated artists. 
This is the first in a series of Deathwish Events that will happen in the future worldwide.
Converge and Trap Them will headline both nights of the event. It will be both bands only Boston area appearances this year. It will also be the only area appearance for Modern Life Is War, Harm Wulf (G. of Blacklisted), and YAITW who are all making the journey exclusively for these shows. It will also serve as the New England stop for the Oathbreaker and Cult Leader U.S. Tour (more details on that tour soon). Add the monstrous Doomriders, Code Orange Kids, Self Defense Family, New Lows, and Chrome Over Brass (Al of American Nightmare, etc) and you have a truly diverse and powerful lineup.
Tickets go on sale 04/11 at
$20 a Day | $50 2 Day Pass w/ J. Bannon Limited Silkscreened Print (Limited to 100 Copies, to be picked up in person at show).
Night 1 | Tuesday July 22nd 2014 | 6PM | 18+
Trap Them
w/ special guests:
Modern Life Is War
Cult Leader
Self Defense Family
Harm Wulf (George Hirsch of Blacklisted)
Night 2 | Wednesday July 23rd 2014 | 6PM | 18+
Trap Them
w/ special guests:
Code Orange Kids
YAITW (Young and in the Way)
New Lows
Chrome Over Brass (Al from American Nightmare, etc)
Deathwish Fest July 22nd and 23rd @ The Sinclair, Cambridge MA | Tickets on sale 04/11 @
Doors at 6PM Sharp for both shows | All Ages
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